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How to play Elite Rappelz

Postby [CM]4lice » Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:34 pm

#1: Have fun, let others have fun, and be kind.

#2: First of all, this is not like any other rappelz. It does have increased experience, drop rate, and lak. The north exit from Horizon is a boss mob zone suitable for high level players, and donators. There is an npc in every town called the Level-up Helper, and any new players should think about getting to one of these soon, it will give the basic idea of what the server is all about. Hidden village passes cost ingame rupees, so everyone can go. When you do, you will find instead of the usual Level-up Helper, there are merchants for individual ranks 5 through 7, a Creature Card merchant that sells empty pet cards in exchange for ingame rupees, and a few cash shop merchants, where what would normally be cash shop only items can be purchased with rupees as well. All the other Hidden Village npc's remain the same, including the buffer. As for buffs, everyone receives buffs upon login, and should any of them time out, simply re-log for more. There are already tamed pets when you create a character. The mobs anywhere, even Trainee Island, drop at least 500,000 rupees per kill. All in all, this is a very User Friendly game. The max level for characters is 200 (300 for Donators) and currently 170 for pets, but that is in the works for increase as well. When you are familiar enough with the game, there is a Donations page available where a range of available options: God pets, our own version of the more unique pets, God mode buffs, a permanent version of what is normally [GM] only buffs, including unlimited hp, unlimited mana, VERY fast attack speed, and much much more. You wont ever die, you cant ever be killed, and even at level 1 you can kill the hardest boss ingame. You can also donate for very high leveled gears, skill cards ( up to +300,000, have 6 hour buffs that add thousands of stats) and of course you own level or that of your pets.

What is expected of you the player? Simple, be kind, don't beg or spam. Do not ask for buffs or rupees. It is against the rules. Don't Do It! First time you break this rule, a [GM] will probably turn your character into a Yak, or Fear him, or both. Any further incidents will be met with a punishment AT LEAST that severe, up to and including a ban. Please understand it is for everyone's best interest. It is hard at the beginning, but once you make the amount of money that you want, you won't want new players begging from you all the time. Please, no begging ^^. That's about it for an overview of the great server. Any other questions you have, I personally invite you to ask here, we do have a comprehensive and friendly, active staff. Most of us are ingame at some point, and can be reached there as well, but i invite you to check through our forums to see if your question has been answered, and if not, please make a post in this thread so the information can be available to the next person. Thank you, and i hope to see you ingame.

Re: How to play Elite Rappelz

Postby [CM]4lice » Fri Mar 02, 2012 1:32 am

First reply by me : As an fyi to everyone, since the droprate is so high here, after a while your inventory will be full. it will continue to keep the items you pick up, but wont display them until you npc the items you dont want/need, and also open all the timed stuff. Too many items, or too many timed items and it happens, simply sell/open them and sometimes relog, and your items will be back.

Re: How to play Elite Rappelz

Postby mel » Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:18 pm

good work here guys
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